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Season 6:

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197 1 "The Rival" Ben Bocquelet, Joe Parham, Tobi Wilson, James Hamilton, Jon Purkis, and Joe Markham Adrian Maganza January 5, 2018 TBA TBA 1.23[4]
Back in time to when Anais is a newborn baby, Gumball and Darwin are terrified of her sinister and evil nature of trying to get the boys in trouble and killed. They decide to ship her away, but her box ends up getting picked up by the garbage men, forcing the boys to go and rescue her.
198 2 "The Lady" Ben Bocquelet, Joe Markham,

Tobi Wilson, and James Hamilton

Chloé Nicolay January 5, 2018 TBA TBA 1.23[4]
Gumball and Darwin become suspicious of Richard's connection to a woman named Samantha who is always hanging out with a group of old ladies.[5] When they realize that Richard and Samantha are one and the same, they set out to right a wrong.
199 3 "The Sucker" Ben Bocquelet, Joe Markham, Joe Parham, Jack Bernhardt, James Hamilton, and Tobi Wilson Richard Méril January 12, 2018 TBA TBA 0.91[6]
Darwin ends up in detention with Julius Oppenheimer Jr. (the 1920s cartoon-inspired, bomb-head bully first seen on "The Lesson") for trying to fix Julius' vandalism, and Julius cons Darwin into being part of his gang, but soon regrets it when everything Darwin does goes wrong.

Note: This is the second episode of the entire series where Gumball is not shown, though he is mentioned.

200 4 "The Vegging" Ben Bocquelet, Joe Parham, Tobi Wilson, James Hamilton, Tom Neenan, Andrew Jones, Joe Markham, and Ciaran Murtagh Wandrille Maunoury January 15, 2018 TBA TBA 1.14[7]
Gumball and Darwin decide to spend the whole day vegging out and watch TV. To do so, they drown out all the weird happenings around them, but end up having to rescue the family when they are stuck in their car hanging over the edge of a broken bridge.
201 5 "The One" Ben Bocquelet, Joe Markham, Tobi Wilson, Andrew Jones, Ciaran Murtagh, and James Hamilton Chloé Nicolay January 19, 2018 TBA TBA 0.79[8]
Gumball is put off by Tobias' constant burns, despite the fact that he allows Darwin to do so and that he himself is self-deprecating. Realizing that Tobias wants to be his "best" friend, Gumball tries to let him down easily, but Tobias takes it as an invitation to eliminate Gumball's other friends, Highlander-style.
202 6 "The Father" Ben Bocquelet, Tobi Wilson, James Hamilton, Jack Bernhardt, and Joe Markham Aurelie Charbonnier January 26, 2018 TBA TBA 0.83[9]
Feeling bad for not having had a childhood with his father, Frankie, the kids convince Richard to try and reconnect with him through bonding, but Frankie cannot seem to break his criminal habits and Richard is starting to lose his patience with him.
203 7 "The Cringe" Ben Bocquelet, Tobi Wilson,

Joe Markham, Andrew Jones, Ciaran Murtagh, Joe Parham and James Hamilton

Richard Méril February 2, 2018 TBA TBA 0.68[10]
Fed up with their constant awkward encounters, Gumball and The Hot Dog Guy decide to be friends so they can revel in their embarrassing moments. When that doesn't work, however, Gumball fashions a makeshift time machine and the two go back to when all their awkward encounters started.
204 8 "The Cage" Ben Bocquelet, Joe Markham,

Tobi Wilson, and James Hamilton

Aurelie Charbonnier December 8, 2017 (Online)

February 9, 2018 (TV)

TBA GB604 0.81[11]
When Mr. Corneille (the computer-pixelated frog geography teacher first seen on "The Others") lies to the Band-Aid school nurse about how he got injured, Gumball and Darwin think Mr. Corneille is a mixed-martial artist and convince him to go up against a Russian fighter in a cage match to raise money badly needed for the school.
205 9 "The Faith" Ben Bocquelet, Tobi Wilson, Joe Markham, Jack Bernhardt and Cariad Lloyd Richard Méril February 23, 2018 TBA GB611 TBD
Elmore and the world around it suddenly turn black and white. As everything descends into chaos, Gumball and Darwin discover the source: Alan, who has lost all faith in humanity. In order to fix everything, Gumball and Darwin tell him that while life is imperfect, we still have to do our best.
206 10 "The Candidate"[12] TBA Richard Méril March 2, 2018 TBA GB613 TBD
A group of kids get locked in the school after their parents have a charity gala. They appoint Gumball as leader to get them out but it leads to chaos.

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